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The Asiatic Society Heritage Museum was inaugurated on 11 October 2018 with great zeal and enthusiasm . The Nimtali Palace (built during 1765-66), studded with the memory of the Moghuls and Nababsof those days, is an epoch-making establishment of Bangladesh and South Asia. It holds the contemporary history, heritage and achievements of the Moghul period from 17th to 19thcentury. With the history of about 255 years of this traditional and academic establishment we have turned it into a selective museum – Asiatic Society Heritage Museum and set up a centre alongside the museum to promote learning, dissemination of knowledge, multi-faceted research, history and heritage. The centre has been developed to work as mecca for tourists. As a matter of fact the paramount objective of this museum is to highlight the past history, heritage, architecture, archaeology, culture and tradition of Bangladesh to the tradition-lover students, citizens, Dhaka- lovers, researchers and future generations. We invite people of every walk of life, students, teachers and specially the inhabitants of Dhaka to pay a visit to the Heritage Museum. Museum is an on-going process and its collection programme will be always in operation. We invite the well-wishers, stake-holders and patrons of the Society to come forward to contribute their innovative ideas for enriching the museum. We feel like telling you that the attractive exhibition of this museum is the diorama of the Darbar of Nabab Nusrat Jang or the three-dimensional presentation. Here you will imagine Nabab Nusrat Jang sitting in his Darbar (court).


To create a centre of knowledge and research with a view to conserving and preserving the Nimtali Deuri and its remains in order to highlight the Naib Nazims (the Deputy Governors) of the Dhaka Niabat (a Sub-Province of Bengal) for the purpose of the presentation of the history and heritage of the city of Dhaka in the late Mughal and early British periods (the 17th and 18th centuries) that splendidly link our present with the past.


To traverse the past in order to make bridges across the late Mughal and early British periods (1697-1900) and thereby to connect the illuminating past with the vibrant present for the purpose of acquiring historical and cultural knowledge that is so vital and innovating for researchers, students, teachers and the Dhaka lovers in the present time as well as for the future generations so that a keen sense of awareness is created among the people for the continuous preservation of their history and heritage

Museum Committee

01Professor Mahfuza KhanamChairperson01715-370002
02Professor Khondoker Bazlul HoqueMember01711-542347
03Professor S.M. Mahfuzur RahmanMember01819-482724
04Professor Najma Khan MajlisMember01815-316582
05Professor Hamiduzzaman KhanMember01711-542347
06Professor Sufi Mostafizur Rahman, Ph.DMember01716153075, 9660649 (R)
07Mr. Hashem Sufi (Director)Member01511130481, 9571208
08Professor Abu Sayeed M. AhmedMember01711-114084, sayeed@uap-bd.edu
09Dr. Nusrat FatemaMember01819113620, nusratdu11@yahoo.com
10Professor Md. Abdul Karim Member 01715-015675
11Mr. Jahangir Hussain Member 01714-253788, 01552-436327
12Professor Dr. Sabbir AhmedConvenor01777-816789